Boys first time

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Boys first time

what thing that really turns meon i a shy guy and this weeks boysfirst, Ivon, is just that. it tookme street gay forever to get him on the site but now he is Boys first time here for all to enjoy!

what a stroke of luck getting maniana Markie for the site was. i have know him forawhile but never really camera talked to himabout the site. one day he came Boys first time overwhile i was filming gays movies and was all interested.i told him if he liked it well known so much to hop in there!

Patric is knows how to make me sweet smile... when i had him on top, ridin my shit, hes crackin smiles Boys first time and screamin!

Lukas told me he had this get here friend with a hugecock and if i wanted to get it on film. i said are dogs lips black?... anyways in midfilmingely grabbed that trobbing monster and there was two white guys noturning back! just two Boys first time throbbing cocks and sweat...huge

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there is something about solo masterbationthat great one be must really gets me hot and seeing matrix whip out his huge cock and weird start pounding day ithad me sweating. it is so nice..Boys first time movies

i love my job..not only do i get to see tons of cute guys i get to play with them! jamess was as tasty as get they come with a deliciously cock. i swear just watching them play we are had me so worked up i had to work bust my cock out! Boys first time is here

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